Gaining accreditation through the CPD Quality Assurance is a pivotal step in driving your business forward.

Because of our extensive research and evidence-based approach, we provide credibility in a way that other accreditations and qualifications can’t. We know everything there is to know about CPD and are collaborating with a network of providers to continuously improve standards.

Being accredited makes all the difference when it comes to gaining the trust of your community and helps to ensure that the service you offer meets standard provider requirements.

How Does it Work?

The Standards for Training Excellence is a quality symbol that endorses your service by ensuring your clients and potential customers that your service has gone

Why Join With Us

Our accreditation will also help you access new markets through our team of several thousand HR and learning and development professionals, who are experts in driving businesses forward.

We are constantly looking into how to improve CPD on a national scale through research, which means we are always trying to identify any weaknesses or areas for change that can be improved to best cater to the needs of our community.

Our accredited members will benefit from our valuable and extensive knowledge of CPD, clients’ needs and industry standards, which is constantly expanding to adapt to market changes.

Become a Standards for Training Excellence

The Standards for Training Excellence accreditation is an award given to high-quality training and learning providers, recognised by the Professional Development Consortium, a research organisation that is also home to the CPD Quality Assurance.

Importance of Standards for Training Excellence Accreditation

The Standards for Training Excellence works with training providers to:

  • Guarantee your content is reputable and of a high standard
  • Provide a quality learning experience for delegates
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and a trusted training service

Benefits of Standards for Training Excellence

  • Display your golden logo on all marketing material
  • Gain your customers’ trust and credibility
  • Represent a high standard of training and learning
  • Gain access to free webinars, events and focus groups
  • Become part of a community to share insights on training excellence