CPD Quality Assurance

The CPD Quality Assurance is the most established independent CPD accreditation institution for continued professional development, industry-wide. The CPD Quality Assurance provides tuition and internationally-recognised accreditation, in compliance with global CPD principles and academic establishment policies.

The CPD Quality Assurance offers a diverse range of methods to learning online, for students of all levels and academic backgrounds. This holistic approach to continuous professional improvement, includes training workshops, distance learning programs, and personal development courses.


Our goal is to make Continued Professional Development (CPD) more accessible and affordable,
through quality continuing CPD provision nation-wide.

Why CPD Quality Assurance

The CPD Quality Assurance helps students to gain formal recognition of their skills and professional abilities by providing a practical, modern, and interactive approach to individual learning. Learn how to become accredited with the CPD Quality Assurance today.

By providing independent accreditation, our sole focus is to be a leading contributor to the continuous improvement of CPD worldwide, offering the best experience for our community of learners and training providers.

We strive to help our CPD clients provide premium quality training that is inclusive and collaborative. Our marks of excellence are a representation of our commitment to quality learning, CPD best practice and high standards of service. As pioneers of lifelong learning, we have recently introduced a digital certification service for our providers which incorporates advanced blockchain technology.

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