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Welcome to the CPD Quality Assurance

The CPD Quality Assurance is the most established independent CPD accreditation institution for continued professional development, industry-wide. The CPD Quality Assurance provides tuition and internationally-recognised accreditation, in compliance with global CPD principles and academic establishment policies.

What is CPD

With the constantly changing nature of society and developments in technology, the way we learn is also evolving. CPD (continuing professional development) meets the needs of the lifelong learner by providing a flexible alternative to a traditional academic establishment.

CPD courses are taught entirely online and offer industry-recognised qualifications that can be achieved from the comfort of your own home, on a part-time or full-time basis. Study in your own time, at your convenience, from anywhere in the world, through online certified, instructor-led, audio-visual material.

The CPD Quality Assurance offers a diverse range of methods to learning online, for students of all levels and academic backgrounds. This holistic approach to continuous professional improvement, includes training workshops, distance learning programs, and personal development courses.

Benefits of CPD Membership

So, what are the benefits of accreditation with the CPD Quality Assurance?

  • Stand out amongst your competitors and gain market share
  • Use the CPD Quality Assurance logo, certificate and web listing to build your reputation as a premium provider
  • Reach a wider community of learners and organisations looking for quality training and development programs
  • Join a network of dedicated providers committed to providing a high standard of service
  • Get exclusive access to our member networking events to stay up-to-date on market news and trends
  • Draw on our specialist knowledge and get free advice on CPD and industry requirements
  • Stay ahead of industry developments with our (optional) digital certificate service incorporating blockchain technology.

Become Accredited

The CPD Quality Assurance helps students to gain formal recognition of their skills and professional abilities by providing a practical, modern, and interactive approach to individual learning. Learn how to become accredited with the CPD Quality Assurance today.

Most crucially, accreditation with the CPD Quality Assurance ensures your reputation as a credible and trusted training provider. All our accreditations are assessed by third parties, using criteria based on large scale research. Our assessment framework has also been implemented by an expert advisory board. This means that clients and delegates can trust you to provide a high standard of service every time.

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